Liquid Spill Damage Laptop

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Liquid Spill Damage Laptop

Liquid spill broke your laptop?

We repair liquid spill damaged laptops and Macbooks


We get lots of liquid damage systems for repair. Water, wine, beer and soda pops are most commonly reported causes of liquid spill damage.

Be safe than sorry, consider giving restraining order so that laptop and any liquid do not come closer to each other. However should this happen to you,  remember to shut down your laptop immediately, unplug all power cords connected to laptop and remove the battery. This will prevent further damage to your laptop.

The aim is to stop liquid going down to the board circuit and shorting out.

The electrolytic process of combining electricity and liquids will begin as the liquid contacts the powered circuits so removing the power and battery immediately is a must to prevent any damages.

You may turn the laptop upside down immediately to stop the liquid from flowing down deeper into the board.

Keep in mind almost all warranties don’t cover liquid damage.

Be patient and let the liquid dry out. Do not attempt turn the power on before the system is completely dry. It may even take few days to dry out completely.

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